crash when running samsung pc studio

i’m using windows 7 with avira and comodo internet security as my security in my toshiba satellite l510 (core 2 duo 6600, 2 gb ddr3. yesterday i try to installed samsung new pc studio, and like usual there are a few pop up from comodo, and than after that before i could select an option like trusted application,etc, my computer crash…it just hang…i try to restart and running it again, same result. try to reinstal both samsung and comodo, it gave me the same result.crash…but if i deactivated comodo, the samsung running me will ya?thank u very much

Can you post a screenshot of the Defense + logs of around the time this happens? They can be found under Defense + → Common Tasks → View Defense + Alerts.

I necro because I notice the same behavior.

Samsung new PC Studio seems to launch a bunch of applets in its own environment.

As I see and understand, It’s like Comodo wasn’t strong enought to win the battle of system ressources allocation to take the focus over SamsungNPCS. There’s no way to advice Comodo HIPS during the starting process of SamsungNPCS. As a result, some freezes, and a Samsung notification that’s some of his stuff can not be launched (and so on for all his applets). It’s like Samsung doesn’t want to understand or understand the concept of “waiting” few seconds before to notices its applets doesn’t launch by itselves.
After that, the computer do it’s job like a charm.

I’ll try to deni/block the launch of applets I don’t wan’t and see if freezes occurs again (by entering manually the policy rules of Defense+).

Edit1: It seems that it’s not a allocation ressources problem (CPU charge is very low during the launch process).
Edit2: It works but there’s too much applets. The good choice (at the moment) is to set SamsungNewPCStudio.exe as a trusted application, and create & use a shorcut from “C:\Program Files (x86)\Samsung\Samsung New PC Studio\NewPCStudio.exe” to launch the software suite…

Anyone to explain this behavior?

Try giving SNPCS the Installer/Updater policy. That will allow SNPCS to start up applets without asking the user. That may do the trick.

Hey it does! :azn:
Like the trusted application rules (obviously). What do you think about the SNPCS behavior EricJH? I never meet a software that had the same “blind” behavior before:
No “too much ressources” in use during the SNPCS’s launch process, so Comodo must be able to pop up its notifications, but SNPC doesn’t allow any software to work properly without the complete launch of all his suite.

I feel that like a real tyranny ! >:-D

How does SNPC influence programs other than CIS?