Crash when disabling NIC

now and then, I disable my NIC. This was never a problem. Today, I’ve installed Windows Update KB4057144 (January 17, 2018—KB4057144 (OS Build 15063.877) - Microsoft Support). Afterwards, I tried to disable the NIC, but it caused a bug check in inspect.sys which belongs to the Comodo firewall. After automatic reboot, the Comodo UI asked to send a bug report. I’ve confirmed it. As such situations can be unique, I’ve tried to disable the NIC again - same crash again, bug report sent again. So, question: Should I report the bug here (in the other forum), too, or is it sufficient to send the bug report?

Make a bug report in the forums and provide the memory dmp from Windows directory, make sure your system is set to create a kernel memory dump.

Hello CryGuy,
I cannot reproduce your issue, so can you please send the dump to me ? my email is .Thank you

Did you receive it? Not that it got filtered out.

Hello ,
I had received your mini dump ,but the useful information is not too much . Can you send your MEMORY.DMP to me? Thanks for your pay.

I guess I find your problem reason. When disable nic , filter cannot release the related resource correctly.
Thank you very much .your work is very important to us!