Crash Recovery / Resume

As any one noticed that many times when you need to restart a download the file restarts from the beginning and not where it last stopped when downloading ?

Before the Internet was popular there were protocols that incorporated crash recovery. Two of these protocols that I used was Zmodem and HS-Link (this one allowed you to upload and download files at the same time) and if there was a need to resume the files would continue where it left off ex 85%

Many years ago someone that worked on internet protocols told me that the resume feature would be implemented.

I know back then both where the file was being downloaded from and what protocol you used needed to be on both ends

Wonder if this feature ever was adopted ( if there are different ones) ?

For those with Limits time/download limits this would be valuable.

Is this feature incorporated into the 3 Comodo browsers ??
If it was in the browsers and databases where large comodo files were being downloaded from, it would make downloading easier.
And there are so many download sites, which ones utilize this feature and which ones do not ?