Crash of CIS + Send Report Bug

Today I’ve got a CIS crash. I was ofered to send Error Report.
I clicked on “Send Error Report”, but after that window didn’t dissapear and refusing all Clicking on it.
I still able to swich between it and other windows, but anable to close.
Also I have crashrep.exe in Task Monitor

Pentium 4 2.8Ghz HT 32bit
Windows XP Pro SP2 Rus 32bit
CIS .432 + NOD32 2.7.39

Below screenshot of that window + crash dump

[attachment deleted by admin]

Do you know what steps led to CIS crash? Have you installed some soft recently or made any significant system change?

Absolutely no idea what became the reason of crash. No new software or system changes nore than 2-3 weeks. I just openned regedit.exe and looked how CIS changes it own records in Windows Registry and tried to check/uncheck automated submission.

Sent a batch of 13 crash dump zips.

Most are when I am in the Defense+ Policy editing an item and a new alert comes up crashing the thing.

I have only just installed CIS.
I have restarted Windows more than 5 times since installing and every time I have had the bug report window come up.
Also every time it fails to send it and asks me to send an email.
Decided to attach them all here instead :Beer

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hey guys!

Today I experienced a cfp.exe crash. After logging in I double-clicked the CIS tray icon and clicked on the number of running applications (the number was 0, therefore I wanted to check it out). The ‘Active Process List’ window popped up and after a while it got filled up with 20 processes (usually there are ab. 70 of them). Shortly afterwards the crash took place.

I sent the error report manually to via my internet portal email account (with the as an attachment). Please say if you guys receive these files sent this particular way.

  1. 64bit
  2. Vista SP1 64Bit
  3. Avira Antivir Personal, BOclean 4.27, CIS (real-time scanning in the antivirus module disabled), CMF, SafeSurf, Windows Defender
  4. Firewall: Safe mode
    Defense+: Clean PC Mode
  5. Administrator account with UAC disabled.

Attaching the error report

Hope this helps

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