Crash dump message on boot up Win XP with SP3

I have only just loaded Comodo fire wall but every time I boot up my PC there is a crash dump report generated. Comodo seems to be operating but I am unsure if it is. Comodo is loaded and looks to be running. I have now sent the crash dump twice but have not recieved any reply.
I have run the diagnostic to check if there is any problems with my instalation and there are none.Comodo Firewall Pro appears to be doing everything that I expect of a firewall except I keep getting this crash report EVERY time I boot up or reboot :-TD

Cheers Alan

What other security software are you running? What version of Comodo are you using?

This is version of comodo I only down loaded it yesterday! the only other security software is AVG antivirus ver 8.0.136. also the latest version and completely updated. This was a completely clean install of XP with as yet very little other software other than Mozilla Firefox 3 and Thunderbird installed. MS auto update is turned off so no other updated other than SP3 have been done.
I have been forced this way as MS update KB951748 stuffed up my Zone alarm Installation and in trying to fix it My PC became very unstable and I had to do a complete clean install of XP pro and the service pack 3. Untill I have a stable safe PC I am not bothering to load any other software :frowning:

Hey Harlequin & Welcome to the Forums

I highly recommend you actually uninstall AVG, It is known to have problems.

Then download & install Avast! Home Edition 4.8

It is a very good AV.


You did not have to reformat to fix your problem with ZA. All you had to do was install the new version of ZA over the top. It was all over the internet about Windows update causing conflicts with ZA. Did you do a quick format or a low level format. Quick format doesn’t erase everything. at times.

I am a new member and have the exact problem that bugs Harlequin, that is a Crash Dump screen that comes up as soon after I boot up my computer. On the other hand I have Avast as my anti virus for quite awhile and this Crash Dump thing only started happening recently.
I try to send this error message to Comodo but to no avail.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

First thing,welcome to the forum.

Can you see anything in the Defence+ logs?
Have you tried running Defence+ in “Training Mode” for a couple of days(don`t download anything) and then run all your regular programs.Then switch back to clean/safe/paranoid mode.

Do you have a lot of files in “Pending Files”