Crash CD on several different sites. Help is needed

After upgrade to Version Comodo Dragon v66.0.3359.117.(32-bit), Its always show crash page at several different sites. Its never happen before update.
Windows 7 (32-bit)
Install at: C:\Program Files\Comodo\Dragon
Please correct the error

developers don’t want to fix the problem?

Hello teac2063, and thank you for your bug report. The issue is caused by a video card that is not supported for hardware acceleration. From Dragon V66 hardware acceleration is ON by default and we are working on making it fallback to software rendering in case that the video card can’t handle hardware acceleration, but it takes some time to develop this feature. For now, please try opening dragon.exe from a command promt with dragon.exe --disable-accelerated-video-decode and please tell us if the problem still exists.
Thank you !

Hi teac2063

This issue should be resolved in the latest v68 Beta2

We’d appreciate it if you could check it out and give us feedback on your experience.


Comodo Dragon is up to date
Version 72.0.3626.81 (32-bit)

run at W10 rs5 64BIT

it happen to me…

with random time
random site

when it crash… open new tab…ctrl+F5 is not solve the problem
the only one way to solve this case is close browser and re open slowdown
mail google can blocked in firewall

it happen random site
and when it happen no site can be open
ctrl +F5 or open new tab is not solve the problem

only solved if close the browser and re open it

Toopei. Can you see what happens when you do a USB installation of Dragon in a separate folder? Does the same happen? Can you also see what happens when you disable hardware acceleration in both installations of Dragon?

Hmmm i will try this methode…

Standalone installation ? Correct ?

Standalone installation indeed. It sometimes gets called USB Installation.

ok . uninstall current installer ( using latest revo uninstaller with moderate option )
for now i start USB installer

i will info in few days

+/- 1 hours and still smooth… nothing happen

i will keep edit this post for update

Update :

StandAlone Still Working

Installation Format : Crash

H/W option : Disable

update :

it crash too

portable : Crash ( random time )
installer : crash ( random time )