crash caused by norton malware

Please be advised of a comodo crash caused by Norton malware.
I discovered my business machine firewall down this morning with a critical error alert.
This alert was superimposed on two norton security scan error alerts.
No Norton product has ever been installed or run on my business machine.
A Norton executable NSS.exe (Norton security scan) installed by stealth. This is suspected to have been as a result of installing an Adobe Flash/Shockwave update (date/timestamps were the same)

The norton security scan window, co-incidentally was embedded with an Adobe flash Ad-link.
It appears the norton system scan was attempting an update of some description by accessing a site through the firewall.

This is still to be confirmed but we are undertaking a vigorous analysis of our business machine.
I am astounded and that I have been compromised in this manner.
I do not fault the firewall in the first instance as the initial (suspected) adobe installation was authorised.
It appears the firewall may have subsequently caught an unauthorised/unrecognised port access by the norton executable. Conflicts between the two caused a crash in both applications.

I will continue to investigate the circumstances whereby an unauthorised norton executable installed on the machine.

Norton NSS.exe - undoubtledly by any definition is malware.