Crash after disconnecting esata drive and reboot x32

Hi, i think i found a bug in the comodo x32.

my system: core2duo(2ghz) notebook 2gb ram windows vista x32

i installed comodo to my system partition ( c:\program files\comodo\ ) during the installation my seagate free agent e-sata external hard drive was connected to the notebook ( drive e:\ )

so everytime i reboot my notebook WITHOUT connected external e-sata drive there is an error like this after boot:

please note that correct install path is c:\ !!

when i shutdown my notebook connect the external drive and boot windows again no error!

Similar problem being dicussed here.


sorry but i dont think the topic you posted is the same problem??

look again ;D


ok but this is my topic too :wink:
AnotherOne said i should post the problem in the “Bug Reports” section - so i did it.

Maybe one of the mods will be so kind and merge the two threads here.