the beta is crap… created trusted network/zone whatever they call it… cant even access my network drives and many more problems… too many to list… and i dont have 6 hours to mess with this garbage… ill try again in 6-8 months lets hope they get it right

As you’re fairly rude… try again in 8 months. :slight_smile:

First, let us analyze some of your post :smiley:

Now let us analyze what Melih said about the beta before downloading and installing it :smiley:

Anymore questions ;D

admire your caution
dislike your attitude
there is no need for bad manners
whoever the original poster is

The error has been reported twice in the CFP v3.0.7.208 Beta Bug Reports thread.

I guess the toys have been firmly thrown out the pram? (:AGY)
Justine IS 100% right, now this is not a personal attack but if everyone had that attitude then, the beta stage would be arround for a lot longer, im sure u will come back when comodo realease final, so i will ask now what flavour of pie would u like, as i am sure u will humbley be eating it! (:WIN)

Maybe if you would tell us the exact problems then the dev guys could fix them or we could help you out when you do have the time. Finding bugs and solutions is part of beta testing. This is not the final version and Comodo made that perfectly clear when they released it for beta testing. Comodo added more features to this version and thus you will have more bugs to rundown.

Screaming at us does absolutely nothing to fix your problems or the bugs that you have found. I have had to reinstall this firewall umpteen times because of one reason or another as have the other beta testers but that is part of beta testing and I knew that when I installed it.

If you need help I am sure that there are more than enough people willing to help you on here.


Exactly. The purpose of beta testing is to help the developers (by detecting and reporting bugs) help you (so that everyone enjoys an awesome product in the end). It’s a win-win situation and you get to be part of history by piecing a little of it together :D.

My apologies to everyone… I do like the comodo firewall… I run v2.4 it on my sons and daughters XP pcs…and for the most part it works great

i wasnt in the best state of mind when posting… (a few personal frustrations… mostly work related etc etc) coupled with the very basic (or so i think) features of a trusted network, host etc, not functioning… My home network is a bit more complex than most i guess?? (nas devices, routers, access points, media players, printers, etc)

I could use it on one of my other systems i use for testing but i dont use my test system very often and so i doubt it would be a good test for the firewall, in order to put the firewall through its paces and to find as many bugs as possible i think it would be best to install it on a system that gets some use, is connected to a network (other than the internet) and mess with as many features, settings etc as possible… and so i think the fact that a trusted network, host etc doesnt work should be number one on the priority list to fix…

Anyway… again please accept my apologies for my rudeness and choice of words…

I will follow the forums to track the progress and may jump in again if i seems to have progressed to a point that is useable to me…

Forgiven. (:AGL)

When you originally said you cant contact your network drives, did you mean drives on a NAS?

If so, it’s possible that your NAS’s are producing what CFP V3 sees as a UDP flood and is blocking it. This is common with Netgear NAS and a few other manufacturers (Apple for one). The good lord alone knows why a NAS would need to send a UDP flood at regular intervals.

Have a look in the logs and seeif you have a UDP flood blockout happening. If you do, try increasing the packet per second flood rate to 500 (for starters) and see if this clears it. If it does, creep the flood rate downwards until it is as low as possible without being detected as a flood attempt.

I empathise with your frustrations (and we all appreciate the openness of your apology). I’m still trying to get ActiveSync working with CFP V3 and my smart @#$#ing phone. If it’s so bloody smart, why doesn’t it work? :wink: Despite this, I believe there is sufficient potential in CFP V3 to perservere.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It is nice to see that someone can openly appologise, for that you gain respect in my book. (:CLP)

Novie :Beer