CPU Meter Gadget


Does any one know of a CPU Meter Gadget (like the one in windows) that can stay above a window?
Example: you’re playing a video and the Meter stays visible at the bottom right corner (or wherever).


I thought Windows gadgets had an option for ‘Always on Top’? is it not available from the context menu?

Depending on your screen real-estate, you could use Rainmeter it has lots of widgets and it’s easy to create your own, It also has an option that allows one to ‘cordon off’ a section of screen that won’t be overlaid with windows. Like wise with Samurize

If your specifically looking for an overlay for a media application, you could look at creating an Avisynth script, of if you use ffdshow it has an internal avisynth capability. You’ll probably find that your media player has an option to show utilisation statistics, too.

Hi Radaghast.

Yes, there´s a “Always On Top” option. Stupid me.
Thanks for the answer and the tips.