cpmnat not found on windows startup

I installed Comodo Programs Manager some month ago. Also i uninstalled it because i had freezing problems when uninstalling different programs and Bluescreens (driver related).

Now after some month i have a problem with a missing file (or process) when booting up windows.
It`s called like “cpmnat program not found. Skipping Autocheck” or something like that.

This text appears as a black screen with white font color, right before the normal loading screen appears.

I`m using Windows 7 Ultimate with SP1 and x86 architecture. I used different process and startup managers to figure out, where i could find that entry but no luck at all.

Also i use Comodo Dragon as browser but i don`t think that cpmnat.exe (from CPM) has anything to do with it.

Anyone with a suggestion?


Oh well, i forgot to check the registry also /facepalm. :smiley:

i found

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet002\Control\Session Manager\BootExecute

autocheck autochk *
autocheck cpmnat

Hopefully it`s solved when removing the complete entry from the registry.

Would be good to know what`s the reason for that and why it was still there. :slight_smile: