CPM to slim down Windows???

hello everyone

CPM is another great comodo application


can someone please of you gurus out there help us out slimming down windows using CPM?

I came a cross a thread lead to it from google search , but it was too long, and too expert-wise to understand
I know there are also some apps to do that, but I bet using CPM could work like no other method will …

I know how this could turn out to be a huge task, but look at it this way, it’s a knockout , and millions of people could find it real helpful, I know it’s almost impossible to do evreything, because each user have differen everything, apps, hard drives, etc, but surly there’s away that could be regarded as standard

for example: am using xp3 256/ram/connection,

I don’t use many of windows provided apps, not the office, not the movie maker,…etc…etc :-TU

so I could use a configuration that will make windows run faster, yield more space, and give more control over the system …

can someone please consider this??

and thank you all …