CPM stopped monitoring SW installations

At beginning CPM worked very fine - installations monitoring feature included ( that’s the REAL edge , in my opinion, of Comodo on the competitors ) . But now - after a satisfactory use of few weeks ( or maybe months ) - all the most recent SW installations result NOT MONITORED in Comodo PM list , even if CPM regularly alerted me of their detection on instalation ( with few exceptions ) .
Even installing a SW by contextual munu " install and monitor setup with CPM" is useless .
In fact, that’s second time that this happens ! First time I resolved to reinstall CPM ( ver 1.3 ) wich fixed the problem BUT with the SIGNIFICANT drowback to loose all the monitored installations database !! I could start monitoring my installations again but starting from zero ! A Sysyphus effort !
Now I wonder about the nature of this malfunctioning : is there some issue in my system or is there a limit in storage of monitored SWs databse ?

Thanks .