CPM still being developed???

after the release of CPM 2.0 beta, there has not been single word from developers…so i’m curious is CPM still being developed or not…
is there any new feature coming up in CPM 2.0??
only i know is scanned method (which wasn’t so great in comparison to your uninstaller 7.5 and Revo uninstaller)

but i would like to left some of the wishlist in this post:

  1. when trying to install some apps…it shows unrelated program as dependent which has been cons of CPM since CPM 1.2(I started using CPM since v1.2 currently using CPM 1.3)

  2. windows update is nice feature in CPM but it doesn’t show any progress bar… :frowning:

  3. community based program evaluation will be nice added feature in CPM… CPM will inform about some program like ask toolbar which is not needed in your pc to a user…

as far as i know it is still in development

Ohhh… didn’t see that… thanx for info…