CPM or Revo?

hello, just a simple question really,how does CPM rate with revo uninstaller.?i have been using revo for over a year now and it seems to work fine.is the comodo product better in some way.any help would be much appreciated,thanks.bye for now. :ilovecomodo:

Currently - revo, but that’s going to change soon because I’ll be using CPM soon enough…

For me when I use revo
If a screen ever asks to restart, I WON’T let it and continue on from there

same as jay
im using revo but goin to change to CPM when the new version is officially released (acttually is beta)
why im goin to change?
with revo to manitor an installation you have to do it manually by right clic and later select to stop manitor
CPM monitor all installations automatically thats the principal reason

The plus to Revo though is that you don’t need the additional resource overhead of having another application running simply to monitor installs. Yes, it’s more thorough to actually monitor changes, but is it worth the resource draw?

revo also does a scan after unistalling(deletes registry and files traces)
CPM same? :stuck_out_tongue:

CPM will actually monitor the installation. This means it will watch every file or registry change written to the HD during program installation. Then when it comes to the time you wish to uninstall, it will remove every single file it monitored during the installation.

This method is more precise than the scan after the fact method that Revo uses, but as I mentioned in my earlier post, is it worth the tradeoff of additional resource overhead? Revo isn’t perfect, but it does a really good job.

Wow, great.

For me Revo Kind regards

Revo is actually the only piece of software that I pay for. My desktop is 32 bit but my laptop is 64 bit & unfortunately the Revo free version doesn’t support it. I upgraded to pro, it’s worth it imo.

i wish cpm would still scan for leftovers because sometimes from what i heard, programs create file after an install just from use over time

I have two drawbacks with CPM:

  1. Messing with Windows Updates / Security Center, showing not automatic, warnings, etc.
  2. The absence of leftovers (files/registry) scanning like Revo.

do you know the name of the process because i can’t find the cpm monitor process in task manager

I just uninstalled CPM on my test machine a few days ago, but I think it’s just cpmservice.exe.

CPM and Revo aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. CPM only monitors about half of my installations, so I use Revo as well. Additionally, CPM hasn’t been stable for me: after losing all installation data/backups due to crash/reinstall, is unreliable; lacking post-uninstall scan, is no more effective than control panel’s add/remove programs at the moment.

Revo, on the other hand, only sees 146 of my installations and CPM sees 204, so neither program completely uninstalls everything.

Are you using Revo free on a 64-bit system?

I am, Win7 Pro x64.

That’s why it doesn’t show all the programs. The free version only uninstalls 32-bit applications.

Oy! In that case, I choose the third option. :-\

definitely Revo: much less obtrusive, no background service running, doesn’t sit connected to the internet all the time.

IObit Uninstaller. :-TU

With CCleaner, Search Everything and manually cleaning the Registry.