CPM needs this...

I know CSC does some of this, but if you want to take on the big uninstallers like revo and your-uninstaller CPM needs to add registry scanning and left over file scanning for programs that were installed before CPM was installed. It works great for programs uninstalled after but how many people would want to use it to remove programs from before, tons. Right now you can’t replace revo with CPM because CPM does not offer the registry and file scan. IF this was added it would make it perfect.

But, for me, I need a new version of CPM that could be installed in my machine.
Actual beta refuses to run :cry:


good point.


+1 for registry scanning revo-style!



I think I might have already mention this somewhere. We are working on this already. It’s a different approach(meaning that we are not scanning for leftovers). We’ll come with the next minor update pretty soon :).
This and couple of other things actually :).

so will it be able to completely remove software that was installed before CPM was? That is what I really want to see in CPM, with that you will take on all removal software and win.

I really want to see this in CPM then i could drop Revo Uninstaller.

Yes, we will have that of course. When it will be ready maybe I will be able to say more about the technology, because we come up with a really cool way of doing it:).

I won’t say how soon will this cpm come… but it’s pretty soon (:KWL)