CPM does not delete folders under appData

Recently I installed thunderbird with installation monitor of CPM. However of few hours of struggling with thunderbird I wanted to uninstall. I did complete uninstall with CPM. After thunderbird uninstaller CPM shows files/directories and registry left behind, one of the directories listed was under “users/admin account/appData/roaming/thunderbird”. I checked the box and select “Continue”. but when i checked the folders manually it was still there with all the subdirectories.

Can anyone suggest what i did wrong with CPM and why it didnot delete directory under “appData/roaming”.


Some files can’t be deleted while the system is in use.

You should have gotten a yellow bar like in attached pic.

So, you have done no wrong. You just haven’t rebooted yet.
Or you have found an issue, let us know?


[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks. It Worked.