CPM created installer s

Some Questions regarding installer

Is the CPM created installer installs to the drive where the installer created or to the %windir%?
Is the CPM created installer can be used to install the program to another computer?
Can it be used as addon for XP disk?
CPM didnt show the program in the list when the program installed using CPm created installer is it bug? (CPM 1.0build27)
OS XP pro 32bit


The installer is created JUST for the windows type and build on which it was created. It must be used for the windows version specified in it’s name suffix ( “_WinNt” “_Win2000” “_WinLonghornServer” “_WinXp_x86” “_WinXp_x64” “_Win2003Server” “_WinVista_x86” “_WinVista_x64” “_Win7_x86” “_Win7_x64” “_Win2008Server_x86” “_Win2008Server_x64” ). You don’t have to go through the lengthy process of installing that application, instead everything is made easy by using only one ‘Restore’ button and everything is put back where it initially was when it was created. Expandable strings like ‘%SYSTEMROOT%’ or ‘%WINDIR%’ are not implemented for the moment but we already took this option into consideration, for the moment only the original paths get restored.

What do you mean by ‘addon for XP disk’?


You can add whatever you want to a customized xp installation cd as long as the concerned program has a command line installation switch.

The most used way consists to create a dedicated cd tree for your programs
(like $OEM$$1\Apps) and then use Windows Post Installation Wizard, where your add your program’s cd path
as an option.

Another way is to slipstream the the application into your Windows installation CD so that it is installed with the OS.

Doing it this way means you do not have to go through the installation process for an application as it will already be there as soon as Windows is installed.

A good place to get information on this is here (There is even an add-on to install CIS this way, so that it is running as soon as Windows boots for the first time)