CPM and the Registry Discussion

CPM is clearly a good program. Serious improvement to the standard Windows uninstall, so thanks.

I was thinking through some issues on the program, but I don’t know exactly how it works. I keep 5 backups of the registry using EruntGUI. Thing is I don’t boot much. That’s because I just leave the PC in standby, so it will perform automated tasks at night. The Erunt backups are created with each boot, so I end up with backups spread out over many days. I wouldn’t say it’s a problem, but it got me started thinking about the registry and also .dllls.

Does CPM use a snapshot of the registry taken before a program installation, so that it can recommend what to remove from the registry and which .dlls when uninstalling the program? I have had problems in the past (not with CPM) with shared .dlls/keys being removed, so I think this is an important topic. Especially missing .dlls seem to be a cause of problems.

What I would like to see is a totally fool proof (88)) install/uninstall that backed up the registry each time a program was installed. I know about the backup settings and the backup feature, but I am referring to a slightly different systemology. Anyway, the idea would be for CPM to keep a backup of the registry and of installed .dlls. Each program when installed is assigned the latest version of the shapshot for restoration. Then any programs installed previously have any new .dlls and registry keys added to a file associated with the newest installation to a file designated to the each previously installed programs. So a list is kept of changes to the registry and .dlls (since each program’s original installation) for each program, and it is added to with each new installation. OK, so now if I uninstall on an old program, then CPM could check against the latest registry backup to see which, if any of the .dlls/registry keys added since its install, are shared. When the uninstall happens, there wouldn’t be any need to hover over the registry keys/.dlls to decide which ones shouldn’t be removed.

Seems this could quickly become a science for Comodo on the development end. I am sure there are shared keys/.dll files that are never removed during installations, so actually this might already be a science with Comodo. Not that I hate seeing what CPM is suggesting I remove. I like seeing it, but as busy as I get, I would like to have every possible corner cut when it comes to automation.

With registry backup, it’s all about keeping the backup relevant to what’s on the machine. There isn’t any way to keep registry/.dll backups up to the second up to date that I know of, but maybe this could help some. I really would like to have a more sophisticated way of doing this for sure.

Just some ideas, and I thought maybe you guys at Comodo could help. Thanks for a great program with Comodo Programs Manager. It’s made my PC remarkably better…

Comodo Backup will backup your registry on a scheduled basis. However, that will not necessarily be synchronised with CPM installs/uninstalls.