CPM and Sandboxie?

Hey, I thought would CPM work with SBIE?

Example; you accidently install a program within the Sandbox, while CPM monitors this, you realise want you have done and clear the Sandbox.

How/Does it affect the way CPM works? ???

Cheers for any replies, if you I don’t respond soon. :slight_smile:


A sandbox application redirects all the data that a program creates to a predefined location When you try to install a program within a sandbox and you have CPM installed several behaviors may be encountered.

If the sandbox driver is running below CPM’s driver in the drivers stack the modifications will not be detected.
Another behavior is when the Sandboxie’s driver will be higher than CPM’s driver in the drivers stack in which case the sandbox redirected data will be detected by CPM .
If you run CPM outside the sandbox you could see the redirected data (just files ) for the application installed within the sandbox . By uninstalling you will clear the application from the sandbox .
if you run the CPM inside the sandbox you could see all the redirected data (files+registry ) for the sandboxed application (the Sandboxie temporarily loads in the registry it’s “personal” hive which stores registry info) ,but the uninstall feature will not function at all within the sandbox .