CPIL Leak Test

I just tried running the cpil.exe, at the prompt typed “TEST” hit enter, and all I got was
“Could not find explorer.exe!”
It did not take me to a Comodo website informing me it failed, NOR did CPF alert me to anything…so I don’t have a clue if it passed or failed. Help Please?

Which version of CPF are you using and what is your OS?

If you get that report it means it is because of a bug in the test. It sometimes gives that error. Atellier Web Firewall tester test 4 is a similar one. You may try that intead.


I’m using v. (it said no updates were available),
and my OS is Windoze XP Pro SP2

Thanx Egemen, I’ll try that…
with 2.3 coming out tomorrow, I wonder if the update to the newer version will take care of it?
Just a thought ; )


We will be relesing a smarter CPIL with 2.3 release. So i dont think we will be working on that version anymore.