CPIL issues

CPIL patched my firefox, now it’s showing as patched, permanently.

How do I unpatch it?

CPIL? I don’t know what that is, do you mean the CLP (Comodo Launch Pad) CPF (Comodo Personal Firewall)?

I thnk he’s refering to the CPIL.exe leak test. Ever since I tried it my IE6 won’t as to be set as default browser anymore and I have it set to ask because Opera is actually my default browser. Now if I want to set IE as default browser I have to use Control Panel>Add/Remove Programs>Set Program Access and Defaults.

CPIL does not modify any application on a permanent basis - it only attempts to modify the RUNNING instance, in order to try and use it to leak past the firewall.

How does it “show” as patched? Is this a Comodo dialogue reporting this, a firefox one, a windows one? A screen capture of the error window would help us out here.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Since cpil modifies the memory of explorer.exe which is the parent application of all browser instances started manually, the user will see the popup always unless he aproves once so that CPF will cease reminding it.

Just allow once, and then you wont get it again. It does not modify or patch anything permanently.