CPF3 Slowing Down Outlook Express Menus and Most Others

This one was hard to title !!
although CPF3 runs great on my PC ( XP Pro 2.3ghz 1GB Ram . ) I find that even after CPF3 is all settled after 2 weeks, when i open Outlook Express and then go through O.E’s File/Edit/View etc menus, theres a definite lag going on. When i hover on File , the menu takes a while to initialize , its not major, maybe 4 or 5 seconds pauses between the options. But without CPF3 this phenomenon doesnt occur at all.
Would love to fix this. :wink:

Set at … Train with safe. Defense+ clean pc mode.

Hmm, i guess this is a side effect of defense+ I was hoping after it learnt my pc inside out it would stop causing my menus to crawl, i suppose i’ll have to turn it off for now. no matter. :wink:

No ideas folks ? :cry:

Hiya Poutine i have a similar set up to yours but Outlook Express seems to be fine.
I`ve got it set as EMail client in Firewall/Application Rules and in Defense+ it is set to Custom with allow access rights for D.N.S.client/computer monitor and keyboard,all others are set to ask.

Have a look and see if yours are the same,hope this helps

Nice 1 Matty

Well i still have Comodo on here, havent taken it off…yet. … but wish i could fathom why its making my menus crawl so much. when i click even favourites in Internet Explorer it takes 5 seconds for them to popup, without CPF3 its instant. Do you think its defense+ causing this or HIPS.?
If i recall i think the last version3.0.12.266 of CPF3 didnt do this.
Does anyone know what i can try next before i uninstall it :wink:
Thanks guys/girls.
Sorry i keep repeating the same ol thing to… its bugging me now though.

What other security software are you running, this may be a conflict with something else on your pc.

Also, are you using version


Hi, yes latest build and also NOD32 v.3.621.
I just redid my drive with a recent ghost image without CPF3, and i just put CPF3 back on last night, i disabled NOD until i rebooted, so far CPF3 has behaved itself.
I guess as CPF is constantly monitoring with defense+ there will be a slight pause, and as i am looking for it all the time i notice it more maybe. :wink:

This is not going to help with your problem but it may be useful for you any way:

You can change the delay setting for the All Programs menu when it opens. If you haven’t already noticed the default delay setting is quite slow at times, even more so on older systems running XP. This tip will make it so the menu will open faster or slower depending on what you want. Here’s how:

* Open the Start menu, click on Run, then type regedit and click OK.
* Find the following registry key:
  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop.
* Find the string value MenuShowDelay, then right-click Modify and edit the value.
* The default value is set to 400, you can change this to whatever you like. The lower the number the faster it will open.

I did set the delay value to 50 on mine and it opens quite fast with no lag.


Thanks N.T.T.W,
i actually knew about this tweak, but my Start menu is fine, the ones that lag are the ones in Apps Programs Outlook Express and Documents etc with CPF3 running. File/Edit/View/Favs/Tools/Help Those type of Menus. :wink: