CPF3 Alternative Shell Support. SharpE almost supported!

CPF is definitely a great firewall! (R)
It takes all to highest standards and does it job very well. Besides, the distribution model is very attractive and where other companies play bodyguards, making money for protection, and INDIRECTLY being in need of helping the bad guys (who needs bodyguards if there is no bad guys); comodo is not directly interested in money, but secure networking transactions. This way both customers and company’s interests meet.But thats another story…

Meanwhile CPF is very popular and gains more positive attention. BUT not everybody uses built-in shell (explorer). If you look up at wikipedia, there is almost a dosen of alternative shells, both commercial and freeware. Of course, some shells are pretty old (like litestep), some are under constant development. There was a talk on forums about blocking explorer, and soyabeener mentioned that Comodo doesn’t support alternative shells. https://forums.comodo.com/help/how_to_block_explorerexe-t11354.0.html;msg80372#msg80372

Today I finally switched to SharpE(nvironiment), a very descend, easy to use, freeware shell, and there is very SMALL bug. See attachments. Upon right-clicking on the icon in the systray, doubled, unclickable menu appears. It happens only with CPF3, other apps work very well.
Everything else works 100%.

If devs could only provide some way to draw standart rightclick menus normally(not skined), it would be one more favorite alternative shell supported! Please!!

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I do not see this as a priority. This is only needed if more than you use cpf 3. I am sure 99.8% of windows users do not use alternate shells. Comodo might implement it if it is a majority of people need it but until than more important features are needed.

Well, there is always somebody against… (:LGH)
BTW I don’t consider it to be a priority, but a valuable feature! Thats why - separate thread.

Also tested Emerge Desktop www.emergedestop.org, for those minimalists here.

Although its memory footprint(ca 40MB) isn’t so little as its distro size(600kb, reminds me of KKrieger :wink: LOL ), it works well with CPF3.

That makes me think something in SharpE makes trouble. The devs are making some sort of engine redesign, so it might be their issue as well. I’ll ask them.

Edit: small mistake in the url.


Tested Aston shell (trial).

Comodo PF3 has same problem here as with sharpE.
But this time, I actually can choose options in CPF3 menu.
That means its DOUBLED, but CLICKABLE.


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