CPF + Vypress Chat

I’m an "Admin’ on a LAN, and I’m currently using COMODO FW v2.3.5.62. What I’ve noticed after I installed it was that, its incapability to work together with a chat program called “Vypress chat”. We’ve been using VC - vypress.com for over a year now with no issues at all.
So, after installing CPF, this was what we’ve noticed.

  • Most users on LAN can’t see themselves(their names) on the chat list

  • Those that can see themselves can’t see other users online

  • When I type the admin - type on the chat room, I can’t see what I’ve typed on the room i.e it dosen’t show up on my chat, but others can see what I’ve typed

  • Reduces the number of user’s list on LAN

          Now, what rules 've I not created to allow Vypress chat on LAN?

1- I’ve allowed vychat.exe as a trusted application
2- Attached ‘vc4.jpg’
3- Skip advance security check
4- Allow range of | Port 0-65535 | TCP/UDP/IN/OUT
5- I have - added to the TRUSTED ZONE/NETWORK

Attached screenshots of Rules/vypresschat/config;
vc1.jpg , vc2.jpg , vc3.jpg , vc4.jpg


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Hi Rki,

Can you also show us the CPF logs? So that we can see what CPF is blocking?


I don’t have any logs relating to that. The only logs have got are just from the rules that’ve I created for my internet connection.

Description: Blocked by Protocol Analysis (Fake or Malformed UDP Packet)
Direction: UDP Outgoing
Reason: UDP packet lenght and the size on the wire(1508 bytes) do not match

You might be wondering? But, this has nothing to do with with my LAN. This’s just a rule I created to reduce or lower the traffic coming out from my “ADSL -” connection.

I’m currently on a Satellite connection = downloading = 81.168..
and also on an ADSL2 connection = uploading =

This rule was just created not to allow/reduce ADSL incoming traffic[since that’s what the sateliite should do]. So, I’m quiet satified with that log and which is even irrelevant to the LAN = My Internet is working great I don’t have issues with that. Just my LAN

[attachment deleted by admin]

To make sure protocol analysis is not causing this issue, can you please disable “Security->Advanced->Advanced attack detection and prevention->Miscellaneous->Block fragmented IP datagrams” option and see if the issue is still the same?


Hello Egemen
I’ve tried that, but that didn’t do anything, rather it only stop the “(Fake or Malformed UDP Packet)” logs from showing up on the Log Tab.

1- In addition, whilst playing with CPF and the rules, I got this log out.
Description: Application Accesss Denied (Vypress.exe:
Application: C:\Program Files\Vypress Chat\Vychat.exe
Parent: C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe
Protocol: UDP Out

Though, this looks strange to me, because I do have a rule allowing vychat.exe any access;

Under the tabs “Security” - “Application Monitor” - " Vychat.exe"


Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP or UDP
Direction: In/Out

Destination IP: Any
Direction Port: Any
Miscellaneous: All Unmarked

As you can see… “Any” on both which cover the whole range should do it?

2- Little off-topic[Bug]
When changing the log size to a “100MB”, it dosen’t apply it switches back to a “5MB”. Though the other options of 5,10,50(MB) stays.

3- CPF uses/starts up with 2 process at the background “cpf.exe & cmdagent.exe”. What I’ve noticed is that when you “close” both process’s and then restart up CPF(cpf.exe) , you will find out that the firewall starts up but with “no Security Monitoring on”. And ofcourse you’d know that this is where cmdagent.exe comes in to play. but, then how would you lunch cmdagent.exe? going to “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall” and D-clicking on it dosen’t do it, nor is lauching it from your MS-DOS prompt. So, how can you put on the “Security Monitoring” back on/launching cmdagent.exe?!


That is weird. It should not block while you have a rule. Does this happen all the time?

If you kill cmdagent.exe, which is a service, you will have to restart your PC otherwise it will not be started again. You should not kill it otherwise your internet connection will be totally blocked until you reboot.

Exactly - So, strange…maybe a leak somewhere? and yeah it does happen everytime I close both appls and try to restart them again.

Hmm. Let us install and test that particular application.Btw, do you have any BLOCKED components in component monitor?

no, none at all Egemen.