cpf v3 here block nothing (windows 2003)

why here of my windows 2003 will the latest cpf v3 block nothing?
by summary page i can not find any running program which connecting to internet and nothing in the “traffic” area,and there is no any alert even if i set the “alert settings” with very high frequency.
it’s just like the whole cpf is sleeping and do not care about any internet connection.
hope anyone can help with this trouble.

no one has any idea?
plz…waitting for your answer (:SAD)

Have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling (using the uninstaller in the Start Menu)?

You should shut down all of your other security software which might conflict with the install when reinstalling CFP3 and possibly your network connection also to be safe until you get it up and running again.


I don’t think uninstalling/reinstalling cpfv3 will work because i even roll back my whole operation system (use acronis true image) but the problem comes always…

so sad, it’s just like cpfv3 doesn’t like me…

Does 3 actually support 2003?

I believe Soya is correct choupiwen. Only XP and Vista.

For some reason I had it in my head that other users were using it on 2003. Maybe that was version 2.4.




No, it doesn’t. Officially, anyway. There are a number of posts about it; as I understand it, there are some logistics issues (programming, cost, something…) that reduce the feasibility thereof.

That is not to say that it won’t work on W2K platforms - just that it’s not supported. I personally have no knowledge of anyone running it that way.


not supported=can run under w2k3 but not work…

but at:

it says:

"according to http://www.personalfirewall.comodo.com/
System Requirements

  • Windows 2000 (32 bit ALL)
  • Windows XP (32 bit ALL)
  • Windows 2003 (32 bit ALL)
  • 64 MB available RAM
  • 32 MB of available free hard disk space
    Note - Not compatible with Windows 9x systems
    Windows Vista is supported by the current Alpha releases of 3.X… however, I can apreciate that not everyone wants to be a software tester Smiley"

That’s taken from the website, and is only referring to version 2.4 of the firewall. Not v3.