CPF v3 + CMG

Is there any news on possible release dates for the final versions of these two tools?

Not officially on the board, perhaps someone from the staff is kind enough to reveal something. :slight_smile:
Or they’d better keep it a secret, I remember that many forum users were a bit disappointed when CFP 3 (alpha) was delayed. Anyway CFP has release candidate status now, so the final version shouldn’t be far away.


Kindly note…

CFP v3… is very soon… i mean hey… I like November…

CMG… is very soon… i mean hey… I like November…

CFP with CMG… I mean hey… soon after CFP v3 is released…


Oh! Nice! Then will it be all hands on with CAVS?



So would boclean, cpf v3, cmg and avast be enough security? ie Could i then drop S Terminator, S Blaster?

well if you have a clean machine then i dont’ see how you could get infected if you have CFP v3 and CMG…these two are your prevention…

for whatever reason (like you knowingly let a malware thru by saying yes even though CFP and CMG tells me otherwise, but i will still allow this application malware.exe to execute) if you get infected the you have the detection layer of boclean (cav3… will be hot…) and avast to detect…then this should be pretty much enough…


In my opinon, CFP 3 and CMG only would be sufficient. :slight_smile:

I think yourself are the one who best knows what you need. It depends on your computer skills, habits & edge-living…


Thanks! Although iv’e run several scans AV & AS(various) which reveal a clean machine it’s still not without reason mine could be infected! How do you know for sure? Anyway i’ll give it a go and have a couple of antispy progs for the cookies and such!

well, thats the problem with current AVs… it can never guarantee 100% cleaning… cos they don’t know what they don’t know :slight_smile:

best bet… fresh OS…

btw: thats why we have this Clean PC mode (patent pending innovation that no other company can offer the way we have) where if you have a clean PC … we will keep it clean :wink:


I can understand stuartm :slight_smile: I wouldn’t give up my anti-virus either, although it never catches anything with me :wink:

My security set up will be :

  • CPF 3.0 final ( with HIPS and CMG )
  • CBOClean
  • Avast! or Antivir ( maybe later CAVS 3.0 final)
    ( - Spyware Terminator )

Greetz, Red.

so you’ll get rid of all your ondemand scanners (your signature ;D ) & Spyware terminator? WOW, than CAVS3 must be great.

I know this may be a bit off topic but… Since CFP 3 will have HIPS and so will CAVS… will there be any conflicts between the 2 HIPS?


I actually don’t know, but I wouldn’t recommend to run both of them, one is enoguh(same applies for (software) firewalls and AV’s). The reason why you’re able to disable the HIPS in CFP3 is if you have another HIPS so you still can use the firewall.


Next version of CAV will use the CPF HIPS… :slight_smile:


Where does this leave users that want to use CAVS but dont want to use CFP? Will CAVS2 have its own HIPS but de-activate it if CFP is detected?

Ewen :slight_smile:

or is there possibly a way CAVS HIPS and CFP HIPS will form together (when both installed) and be like one giants HIPS? ;D

or is there possibly a way CAVS HIPS and CFP HIPS will form together (when both installed) and be like one giants HIPS?
i suspect it will b mor a bloated overlap HIPS. recall, CPF3+CMG is mor than enuf for average users. as for CAVS, current CAVS+ BOC is actually gud enuf alr. therefore, CAVS3 will b decent.

*** BUMP ***

Unbelievable as it may seem, there will be some users who do not want to use CFP and only want to run CAVS?

Are they therefore HIPSless?

Ewen :slight_smile: