CPF.V2.4/Auto Updates

Morning All.
I seem to have had an auto update this Morning for CPF.
Do i assume therefore that auto updates are a default setting or can they be turned off and checked for manually.
Great Firewall.
Thanks and Regards

Hi again Rambo, you sure can. Simply open up Comodo, check the Security tab, click on Advanced tab, click on the bottom Miscellaneous “configure” tab, a box comes up and at the bottom are program settings and you can uncheck auto update! :slight_smile:


Thanks Paul
I might have guessed it would be you who replied.

LOL, curious, why is that? lol. :slight_smile:


You told me yesterday,if i remember,that’s why you are a MODERATOR.
You probably know it backwards by now.

Good memory! lol. I do know the basic settings and some advanced very well but when it comes to really digging into connections for other things, setting specific rules, other mods are quite ahead of me. I am a PC repair tech so to be honest, that’s where my knowledge lies mostly. I do have to know many basics for connections, etc…it’s just not my strong point, yet.

And actually I think I said something on the order of I liked Comodo so much I wouldn’t leave.
Melih and others thought, “■■■■, we can’t get rid of this guy, so let’s just make him a mod if he’s going to live here” loll. (:NRD) It wasn’t for my burning knowledge for sure. :wink:

Take care,


Here it is : And I agree, CPF is #1 firewall, that’s why they made me a mod, I wouldn’t leave them alone being so happy with it, lol.

You know 500% more than me and a good deal younger i suspect.
Anyway,you advice is invaluble.
I have only been into computers for about 3 years.so for the moment i am an ignoramus,but i have friends and i have GoBack .
To use your expession lol !!!

Well, Philip, I won’t say i’m younger, or a great deal younger as i’m rounding 40 in a few years. Been married 16 and have 3 kids, 14, 8, year 1\2 and less hair, lol. I think I was an ignoramus for getting into pcs, lol , should have went into graphics instead, it’s mainly what I enjoy. Besides with Vista being one more foot step closer to closing techs out, my job won’t be around that much longer. :o


Our eldest daughter is 43 and we have 7 grandchildren,6 girls an 1 boy(no wonder he wants to go to boarding school).
Speak soon.i hope

ROFL! Well ok then, you win! I congratulate you and hope all is well with your family. :slight_smile:
That’s my reward eventually, grandkids to spoil rotten and then send home to my kids so they can suffer the hair pulling, lol. ;D


Yes,you know the form.