CPF & Super AD Blocker

I updated CPF to v2.3 and it kept crashing. I managed to reinstall v2.1 (w/ out any great ease) before finding out about the problem w/ super ad blocker. Has this been fixed before I run the updater again?

This is a bug in superadblocker, which fails to handle large buffer while hooking shellexecuteex. It is causing CPF to crash. Almost all of the bug reports we receive identify superadblocker as the guilty. We have forbidden that product to load its buggy DLL into CPF and we will be releasing an update soon.

Until that time, you can just disable Automatic updates for CPF.


OK, thanks.
How do I disable the updater?

You need to disable:
Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Automatically check for program updates
Security->Advanced->Miscellaneous->Automatically check for certfied application updates.