CPF slows down internet connection? [Resolved]

I had Sygate’s free firewall before and it seems that now that I have CPF, that my internet connection is slow in general…

On the web, going from page to page.
Downloading torrents
Getting POP mail

May be my rule that lets in all TCP and UDP traffic needs to be modified? OR better yet, I need to add other protocols along with that one?

try the beta!
its in the beta section of the forum.

Pls let us know if this improves your speed

That’s what I have running now. Actually, I’ve shutdown CPF on occasions and didn’t notice any speed increases or decreases. Just might be my internet connection…

check for worms,spyware etc

Call your isp

check hardware for errors or network errors etc

i have been almost a week with this firewall and i have had no trouble it.

not using the beta, but i dont think the firewall is causing your slow down…

I was having troubles with my speed and called my isp and then ran network test and stuff and it came to be that the cable line to my modem was not giving my modem enough power and that was making my speed slower, he put a 500 or a 900 mhz pad on the modem and it was a like a brand new thing everything is working faster. So check for spyware/trojan’s.network errors,call your isp if you contuine to have trouble is all i can say to you

good luck

Actually, I had changed my DNS on the router and updated it without any problems. However, once I rebooted my modem and router, things sped up considerably! Fixed, LOL!

glad to see you found the solution to your problem. If I could ask you to update the topic of our original post by adding [Resolved] to the end of the title, that would be awesome! Then people know to look here if they want a possible solution.