CPF_Setup_3.0.13.268_XP_Vista_x32 issue?[RESOLVED]

Hello Comodo i have an issue with CFP, the program keeps showing as activated in my windows security center although the original Windows Firewall is disabled, but it keeps saying Comodo Runs with a green light on

Ive uninstalled it without any issues but only have this concern left. I did a search function on my comp for “Comodo” and it came up with 2 folders in my “Documents & Setting” > “Application Data” as “hidden folders”.

Im just not sure of just deleting them and if that would resolve my issue but they are named as this :

  1. “Comodo” and the under maps are named “common” & Personal Firewall" both being empty but the “common” folder has a little file named “Pending List” which is empty

  2. also named “Comodo” but its under maps go like this "Personal Firewall > Data and then 2 folders named “ResFiles” and “TempFiles”

The “ResFiles” is empty while the “TEMPFiles” has a installer of “CPF” named “CPF_Setup_3.0.13.268_XP_Vista_x32”

so im guessing this is the version i have, i cant remember it that well as i tried the uninstall a couple of weeks ago, the problem is that Windows keeps saying it runs in in the Security Warning "The red shield icon with a error cross over it

Pls help me i have used 2 days around the forum and seen that others have the same issue, but alot of the answers are different making it hard for me to understand as im afraid of messing my computer up since i dont have that much knowledge of computers

Welcome to the forum ChaosHydrA :slight_smile:
Please read this Topic to get Comodo to not be shown as activated in the Security Centre

Hi Dennis im following Ragwings guide, the 2nd post of the topic u linked me to. But im not good with DOS commands, could u help me how im gonna write the number 3 line?

  1. Open start menu and click Run and write cmd.
  2. In the cmd window, write NET STOP WINMGMT /Y.
    3. Now write cd “%windir%\system32\wbem” and then RD /S /Q “Repository”.
  3. Last of all, write NET START WINMGMT /Y.
  4. Close the cmd window and security center should no longer report it.

i did the 2 first but im not sure how im going to write the 3rd line.

i wrote it like this on the same line, but it said it couldnt be found :

cd “%windir%\system32\wbem” RD /S /Q “Repository”. this is how i wrote it after pressing enter on the 2. line

what did i do wrong? i dont get that part

i think ive done it wrong my security center isnt starting up now, i cant see the red shield icon near my clock now im using Windows XP

NET STOP WINMGMT /Y you have already done this.
Two seperate lines cd “%windir%\system32\wbem” and then RD /S /Q “Repository”.
The first line takes you to the correct directory cd this a command code in DOS.
This should start it again NET START WINMGMT /Y

Thanks alot Dennis that solved my problem, i think i just had to do a restart first before the Security center came up again, it doesnt report of comodo running anymore thx alot.

Thank you for posting back :slight_smile:
I’m glad that the problem is solved. I’ll close this topic now. If you should encounter further problems, PM an online moderator with a link to this topic so that he can open it.