CPF+NOD32 (ver. 3.0)

Hello everybody,
I have some question regarding work of CPF.
After some ugly surprise that in CPF blocked aplication can still connect the internet without CPF even catch it in Active connection I found out that new NOD32 version 3 redirect all traffic through own check (process ekrn.exe) and with this generally bypass CPF protection. I don’t know how about you but I would consider this as serious leak. If NOD32 can as a side effect hide active connection to CPF what possibly can do some malicious aplication. Any solution for this?
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You can choose what NOD32 V3 scans through it’s proxy.

From Eset support forums…

If you don’t want a particular program communicating via HTTP/POP3 to be routed via the local proxy, set web access protection to route only marked applications through the proxy and put a cross next to the applications that you want to bypass the proxy. Applications that do not communicate through HTTP/POP3 are not routed through the proxy whatsoever.