CPF Logs

Hey Everyone,

I just noticed that after a reboot, all my CPF logs have been cleared. Shouldn’t these logs be saved untill I decide to clear them? Is this normal or something with my system?

I’ve also noticed this (and briefly mentioned it on another topic). But, I thought I was the only one with this problem. For me, unless I manually exit CPF first before a reboot, then I will loose everything in the log since the last time I exited CPF manually. I even gave all programs 60 seconds grace period on reboot before being forced to exit by the OS. But, that didn’t work.

What OS are you using?

Hey kail,

I’m using XP home sp2 with all updates.

Hmm… not just a W2k thing then. Well, if everybody else is not seeing this, then I guess that we may have somethimg in common that is causing it.

What’s your Anti-Virus program?

Avast free.

So, we’re both using avast.

Anybody else using avast with CPF & either does or does not have this CPF log problem?

I am seeing the same thing. I currently have the beta CAVS installed.

Using XP Pro with sp2 and updates current.

OK. So, that rules out avast.

I had installed CPF on a friends computer and theirs is doing the same thing. I don’t think it’s an A/V problem as they’re running Norton.

Yep, that rules out AVs as causing this.

As this only seems to be happening to a select few, then I think that it’s a fair assumption that it’s not being caused by CPF directly and that it’s an in-direct cause (ie. something that is impacting CPF). We only need to figure out what we all have in common. So, I’ll chuck a few things forward… I have an Nvidia graphics card, CachemanXP & UPHClean. Anybody else?

The work-around is to manually exit CPF before rebooting. This way you don’t loose any log entries.

Egemen: Any ideas on this?

I actually have the same issue as well with the logs clearing each time.

NOD32, Nvidia 7900GT and other stuff.

I’ve noticed this with all versions of cpf so far, also if you set log to 7days it resets to today after reboot.

The temp folder also fills up with ~DF4xxx.temp files which i suspect are the logs as one is always locked (in use), this annoyance went away with beta cpf but returned again with new release.

Me too. Win2k SP4.
Just had a look at my logs since installing latest versions yesterday and there’s nothing there.
I use AVG.

There are ~DFxxxx.TMP (where xxxx is a hex number) files in my TEMP folder, not cleared out after a shutdown.
There is one open now owned by CPF.EXE.


I’ve noticed these temp files also, I was wondering if they were caused by Comodo.

Yes, there are various programs out there that will tell you the ownership of opened files, one I use is NirSoft’s OpenedFilesView http://www.nirsoft.net/. Today’s ~DFxxxx.tmp file is owned by CPF.EXE. They always start out as 65,536 bytes and then grow from there depending on what’s logged I assume.

eregen et al have been very quiet about this - have they noticed this thread?


I also have the missing log problem. Because I sit behind a SPI firewall in my router I get very few alerts, but those I get don’t survive beyond a day.

XP sp2, NOD32, ati.

Another thing I have noticed after installing the latest update is that I am asked once a day if I want install the latest update. Just checking through other postings to see if there is an answer to this one.

There is also another file in temp files that won’t go away, news.text which is again comodo file and also pointless.

Hi guys,

This is a bug. When CPF is not properly closed, the logs are lost and when windows is being closed, this is a case.

We have fixed the issue. It should be available with the next update.


Thanks Egemen.

Thanks for the heads up Egemen.