CPF GUI disappears when using TightVNC (v3.0.17.203, X32)


I’m using CPF for about 3-4 months. Nice firewall. (L)

Is it bug or configuration issue - When I access the computer using TightVNC and click on the CPF tray icon, GUI starts but becomes transparent. The links are active, but not visible. If I disconnect and connect again, the GUI becomes visible. Till the next click - then stays the old window, and the new one gets transparent.

CPF v3.0.17.203,
Windows XP sp2, 32bit
TightVNC v.1.3.8
Screen resolution - 1024x768, 32bit, TFT monitor, Geforce MX440 videocard.

How to reproduce - Connect with tight vnc viewer to a machine, running TightVNC and CPF. Double click on the CPF’s icon in the system tray.

Nikolai Tsvetkov

Can you take a screenshot about this issue?

Do you have access to CFP settings even if the GUI is not rendered correctly?

Yes, I have access to the all settings, but they are invisible.
In a few hours I’ll post a screenshot or a short clip.

An image would be OK :slight_smile:

BTW can you reproduce this with or without DFMirage mirror display driver?

When the driver is installed, it appears in device manager as shown in the following picture.


I installed DFMirage. Then I reconnect tightvnc session, but nothing changes. The windows are still invisible. Should I reboot the machine?


Double click on the tray icon.


If I click on a free place on the desktop, something appears on the screen.


I moved the window, dragging it on the titlebar.


Clicked on the desktop again.


Right click on the tray icon.


I think that some kind of alpha blending or so causes the problem.

Does the Tight vnc viewer have some kind of option like “show the tray bar” (ultra vnc does)?

Another eventuality would be that comodo considers the vnc connexion is a guest user account, and doesn’t show settings for it.

I rebooted the machine, regardless of DemoForge’s advice. All menus and dialogs now are visible. :BNC :Beer

Thank you!

If you uninstall DFMirage does this issue reappears?
As for Double click on the tray icon. image did you attempt to refresh tightvnc viewer windows?
This issue may be caused by Tvnc not sending the diplay changes in realtime.
Whitout using Dfmirage this issue happens frequently and it should not be cfp related.

Yes, it appears again. Just tried.

As for Double click on the tray icon. image did you attempt to refresh tightvnc viewer windows?

In about 8-9 hours, I’ll try again, because of misconfiguration I cannot log into my home computer. (:SHY)
In my last post, I mean that the problem appears again, not the success.

Ok, IIRC TVNC Viewer should have a refresh button. Forcing a client refresh should solve any TVNC screen redraw lag

Yes, the refresh button redraws CPF GUI. Is it possible to add custom alphablending enabled? If it is needed by some theme, for example.

So all cases in https://forums.comodo.com/bug_reports/cpf_gui_disappears_when_using_tightvnc_v3017203_x32-t19635.0.html;msg136356#msg136356 are correctly rendere with a vnc refresh.

AFAIK TVNC use jpeg this means tha it doesn’t support alpha. Anyway these issues can be reduced using DFMirage.
Using a low bandwidth vnc setting (eg 256 color) should also enable more client redraws.

I guess I should move this topic to help section.

8 bit pallete didnt helps at all. Nevermind. DFMirage is the perfect solution for me.
Thanks for the help! :Beer