CPF gone but still blocking????

I have searched and run over this forum and cant seem to get the info I need. I managed to get CPF uninstalled with the help of the forum, But I stll have apps that are being block. This was the reason I uninstalled it in the first place. I have removed all the comodo ref’s I can find in the Reg. Deleted the floders and files. Windows show the I dont have a firewall running but some of my apps and games stlll can connect. Seems like the only thing working is Internet Explorer. Even my Yahoo is blocked. Should I just do a reinstall of windows? or am I missing something?
Im running XP sp2.

Did you read this important note.


Yes, that was the first thing i tryed! I might of gotten rid of it finally. My ISP has been done so I have not been able to test yet. I must say that having a program that can not be uninstalled by the avg. Joe Blow is not a very good way to run a company. It reminds me of Microsoft.

Reinstall CFP(Default choice) by temporary disabling your AV Reboot , Then Disable your AV again and uninstall it worked for me.

regarding a lot of keys left in registry dont wory about them if executables are not present then left over keys are not a proble at all.

It should work well for you

Well after alot of cussing and throwing things I got it ALL off my system. I ended up having to start the windows firewall then disabling it again to get things reset. even resetting the winsock and tcp/ip didnt work. I will not be using this again unles the uninstaller works 100%!