CPF exe blocking feature?


I use CPF v3.
I need a software, which can block a running of a specific exe file (element of Photoshop). This exe file don’t contain a virus, or a spyware, but use a lot of of my CPU power. And I can’t prohibit the run of this file: I tried more startup manager program, but I can’t find the startup item of this exe.
I need block this exe.
My question: CPF has so feature?


Why do you need to block an exe related to photoshop? But yes anyways you can use D+ to block that certain exe.

But yes anyways you can use D+ to block that certain exe.

Which option need to to this?
My protected files? My quarantined files? Or…?

Hi molngab,

What you need to do is go to Defence+/Advanced/Computer security Policy.
Now see if you can find said .exe and right click on it and choose “edit” check the “use a predefined policy” box and then from the drop down choose “Isolated Application” now “Apply to close all windows”.

See if this works,if not post again.

Regards, Matty

Alternatively you can quarantine it: My Quarantined Files/Add/browse to the said .exe/highlight it and move to right hand box/APPLY to close all windows.

is this exe called mdns responder service or something?