CPF doesn't want to learn.

I’m using the latest version of CPF with XP Pro and SP2.
Lately I’ve noticed that I sometimes get the pop up warning box from Comodo telling me that a program is trying to do something.
When I go to click OK, I see that I’ve checked the box to remember this action/choice.
Example-Site Advisor by McAfee. I’ve been using it for a few months.
Today I get a pop up warning me that Site Advisor is trying to connect to the internet.
And the box has been checked.
Can this be taken care of easily?

What parent was it?
Not a new one?
Do you have component monitor on learning or on?
Have you tried the latest beta?

The controls are set to custom and it’s set to learning.
I also looked at the list of allowed sites and SiteAdvisor is there.
I have the same problem with some components of windows itself. Sorry, don’t remeber the names.