CPF closing/crashing silently

Hi all,

I generally like CPF, but for some time now one issue keeps bothering me more and more. Out of the blue CPF decides to crash/shutdown silently. In doing so it basically takes down network access, although this is not at all obvious since the wireless connection icon in the system tray is fine, etc. Basically according to the OS, net access should be working fully, yet nothing works down the channel, and DHCP renewals don’t work mysteriously. I usually then end up fooling around with my wireless card, router, etc. and only 30 minutes later does it occur to me “oh, wait, let me guess, CPF crashed AGAIN!”… I start up CPF, and all is well again.

What’s up with this silent crashing/exiting???

This is not an easy kind of issue.

To pinpoint the problem is needed to remember software/driver updates installed before the issue appeared.

An easy workaround would be to backup CPF settings and reinstall CPF.
You’ll need to disable AV,HIPS,ANTISPYWARES before CPF installation.

What is HIPS?

I think I may try this once I have the time. For what its worth, I am using ESET NOD32, and no antispyware (well, I do manual passes once in a while).

HIPS means Host Intrusion Prevention System.

Does CPF tray icon disappears when the firewall crashes?

To gather some info you can:

Post all results here.

Might also find something in Event Viewer, located under Windows’ Administrative Tools.



To gather some info you can:

OK, I’ll try to gather those up the next time I notice it died.