CPF BETA conflict with Dr.Web?

Hi Comodo, can you please test new beta with Dr.Web 4.33.2?

I use many CPF version with Dr.Web antivirus, include final release and beta release,no problem, no slowdown.

but after wellcome splash, new beta + Dr.Web spider guard(file and web virus monitor) will slow down windows booting time 1-2 min,100% cpu use , after this time ,everything ok!

when i remove Dr.Web guard , CPF work greatly, no System delay.

OS : Windows XP Pro SP2 latest update
AV: Dr.Web 4.33.2 latest update

no other security soft.

I have no sollution for your problem, but just for reference, I do have the same version of Drweb, Win XP and Comodo Firewall as you and I do not recognize your problem. Only difference I can see is that I have no “welcome splash”

sure. Lets us see.