CPF and XPfirewall

After I installed CPF, I disabbelled XP-firewall(XPsp2)
When I open the xp securitycentre, it stil says that the xp-firewall is on.
But when I open the XP-firewal page where you can turn it off/on, there it says the xp-firewall is off.
So is it on or off? is this a bug?
Is there some other place in windows XP where you can find out if it is actually stil running?


It is off. Security center may be showing a wrong status.


You may also want to go to advanced tab in Winxp firewall and “Uncheck” LAN, and in general tab, “Check” all the boxes. Winxp firewall even when shut off, will by default monitor these items. This may be what is raising the flag on your security center.