CPF and torrent clients

Hello I’ve been using CPF for about a month, and I’m very satisfied.
The only issue I encounteres is with torrent clients (in my case utorrent).
I have done port-forwarding and all settings required right, but I still get ‘‘yellow light’’ for my connections.
The problem is solved when i disable CPF but thats only a temporary sollution.
Of course I have allowed alla connections for utorrent through firewall.
Is that anything that can be done regarding this issue?
Thanx in advance…
Keep up the good work! (R)

Did you follow the posts in the FAQ section pertaining to bittorrent?

I think what is needed is to add the following rule above the Block rule on the bottom of the network control list…

Action: Allow
Protocol: TCP/UDP In
Remote IP: Zone : [home network] ← (your LAN zone may be named differently)
Source Port: Any
Remote Port: A set of ports [6881, 6882, etc…] ← (set to the port ranged you configured for torrents)

That’s exactly what I did.

Didn’t take too long to figure it out. CPF is so intuitive! ;D