CPF and Delphi7

Hi there

Ive recently installed the CPF on my computer and i am very pleased with it… Very light and not that hard to use.

However, CPF as a “problem” with Borland Delphi 7. When compile and run a program(the one im making for example) through delphi7 theres a huge delay between the compiling and the program running (and yes its from CPF, the cmdagent.exe). While this aint a big problem its annoying as hell

If i close the process cmdagent.exe i can compile and run really fast and without problems.

How can i “fix” this? Any tips? Any special rules i have to had ?

Thx in advanced :slight_smile:

PS:I can compile with no problems using the firewall, only running the program (using the f9 key in Borland, for all the programmers out there :stuck_out_tongue: ) gives me a headache (like 4 secs of waiting or more)

You could try setting the Delphi 7 application responsible for the actual compile (if there are multiple apps involved, then you might have experiment a bit) in the CPF Application Monitor to “Skip advanced security checks” (under the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab).

I hope that helps.

Hi there!
Im new to Comodo. Everything works fine after some setup, but there is this Delphi issue I cant solve.

After building the project it take 4-5sec to run my app. Its because of Delphi’s integrated debugger, but I have to use it so it cant be a solution to disable the debugger.

-WinXP SP2
-Borland Delphi 7 Pro (but Borland Studio2006 has the same problem)

Unfortunately its really annoying for a developer. Plz help me if u know some trick.

Thanx and Best Regards!