CPF allow and block

I love Comodo firewall. Install Windows XP on my Laptop with all of Comodo Product. Everyday I boot my computer or everytime i use the same program, Comodo Firewall ask me whether to block or allow the process. No matter how much i click allow and put my little check mark that says remember this “whatever”, 2 minutes later or when i restart I still get the same popup asking me for the same thing I told it to remember to allow or block.

I use to use PC TOOL Firewall which is also free, unlike Comodo; PCTOOL remembers everything you tell it to block, and everything you tell it to allow. PCTOOL down fall is that it causes some network cards to crash and your PC will forever be rebooting.

I find Comodo is great, no cashes ETC, but can we please work on Comodo’s database, memory, or whatever it takes to get comodo to stop asking to accept and reject application you told it already to remember to accept or block.

Even now am typing this letter, Comodo Firewall keep popping up asking to allow or block “update.exe”, I click Allow, I got my remember this option check mark there, yet every 10 seconds it pops back up which is very annoying. I had to put it on installation mode to get to stop, but i have to face the reminder that the firewall is in installation mode every few minutes.

Hi p_amour, one of the first things you should try would be to update the firewall itself to make sure it is the latest version. Hopefully you have done this since February and your problem has likely gone away on its own. Another option would be to put D+ in clean PC mode.