CPF 3 Alpha, avast compatibility problem

When adding ashserv (Avast anti-virus) to the allowed applications list, CPF 3 alpha freezes the whole computer for about 5mins before it starts working again. Although this isnt a major problem as it resumes working again, it is quite enoying. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Add rules in Comodo for the Avast applications to access the internet and all should work fine.

Sorry I cant be more specific but it caught me on the hop and I can’t remember which avast module caused the clash.

I think that I ended booting Vista into safe more to make the changes as I wasn’t patient enough to leave it alone for 5 min (or more!) to find out if it would spring back to life.

Also, I think that I have seen a few posts on this issue already on this forum. :SMLR

Yeah I gave it permission to acces the internet however it keeps reverting back to blocking it again every so often