CPF 3.0.728 - loose port settings

I’d like to show a bug about CPF 3.0.728 version:

in Firewall settings, when in “Network Security Policy” I set a Global Rule (e.g. for Emule.exe) for TCP or UDP Allowing In connections, if I set a port like “56.257” , for instance, even after clicking on “Apply” it doesn’t mantain the port number. After checking if the rule has been correctly accepted I noticed that it was showing only the number “56”. I also add that it is indifferent if I insert the numbers using the numeric keypad or just advancing the number by pressing the up arrows in the Comodo GUI.

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You are using a dot between 56 and 257. Take away the dot and see if that helps. So, set 56257 instead of 56.257.

Hi eric

I used the dot because when inserting the port number the program ITSELF added the point! did you notice that too? try inserting a port greater than 1024 ant tell me if it also happen to you. :-\

I can not confirm the program making the dot it’s self. Can you post a screenshot?

I have a similar problem.

I have a rule which allows tcp/udp in from IP any to where source port is any and destination port is 50000

If I restart the pc or logoff and switch to another user when I check the rule again the IP is always changed to

Which OS’s are you using?

I don’t seem to be able to reproduce the “.” bug on mine but I could reproduce the IP address being displayed backwards.

Using WinXP Pro x32 here.


I’m using XP Pro SP2.

this is what the program do while using the up/down arrows to reach port greater than 999:


and then when you apply your preference it shows only the port number BEFORE the dot:


I hope now that this is clear to everybody :wink:

I use Win XP Professional SP2 (italian version)

OK, I was able to reproduce the ‘.’ error by using the up and down arrows. I always type the number in and it works if you do it that way. Good find Dobermat.