Cpf 2.4 v Cpf 3.0

As I find version3 a bit tricky to setup is 2.4 still a good enough product today?

I’d say 2.4 is still a decent firewall, but it makes antivirus even more important to run along with the firewall. 3.0 on the other hand, reduces some of the risks, thanks to Defense+.


When I say tricky to setup I mean which initial processes to allow plus others use use my pc. Therefore defence plus could be confusing for them. Would version 3 minus d+ be a better option than 2.4?

If you install V3 with Leak protection the overall protection should be slighly better than V2.
If you deactivate Defense+ and use only V3 firewall I guess the protection would be less than V2.

If you are checking for a solution that suits your specific needs you can take a look at Matousec Firewall Challenge.

Had a look at Matousec Firewall Challenge decide to give OA free a try seems to be easier to understand although I understand cfp 3.0 a little better now. Is there a basic installation guide to cfp3.0 ?

The FAQs contain a ton of info. The help guide in CFP 3 is also an excellent help source.