CPF comments on the newly released version

I have just completed installing the new CPF 2.3, after beating my way through a thicket of issues, some of which were really not necessary! I list these here in more-or-less the order they were encountered.

  1. The release announcement offered only a link to the registration site; there was no way to avoid re-registration and, before I completed the process, I had two entirely unneeded extra activation (license) keys. This could have been avoided with a link to the actual download from the announcement or even from the registration page.

  2. The distribution file was again named Setup.exe, with no indication that it is for CPF and with no hint of the version involved. This is ■■■■■■■ people who archive their software distributions against disasters. I have renamed mine, but so should Comodo.

  3. I backed up the HKLM key that holds the CPF data; uninstalled the previous version; rebooted; ran the setup task using automatic configuration; rebooted. I had to shut down CPF before importing the backed-up registry items; did that; and restarted CPF from the CPL icon (first time that has proven useful lately!). At this point, the initialization of CPF.exe stalled and eventually failed. I rebooted for the third time and again that initialization step failed because it required the two services “Fast User Switching” and “Terminal Services”, both of which are disabled on my stand-alone system. I set both services to “manual”, started them, and everything proceeded as it should have done initially. The Setup procedure should (at the very least) check for these services and request that they be enabled; far better would be to alter CPF so that these services are not required! See later for more on this.

  4. I could not exit from CPL using the context menu of its tray icon: had to kill it with Process Explorer (used instead of Task Manager). Reset CPL not to start with Windows. It would be better to enable the Exit item in the PPL context menu.

  5. Back to those extra services: I terminated both Fast User Switching (FUS) and Terminal Services, set them both to “disabled”, and rebooted. Now my system is back to normal, Comodo doing its thing, no unwanted services wasting resources, etc. It looks to me as if supporting Fast User Switching cost as much as not supporting it. I believe that CPF could determine for itself at initialization what the situation was: either FUS is running, so proceed; or else, FUS is not running (and cannot be started?), so revert to whatever the previous version did at this point. FUS is clearly unnecessary on my system once the code is installed and has been successfully initialized once.

  6. And finally, a personal complaint about the GUI: in numerous places the word it’s (= it is) is used as a possessive pronoun; the correct form is its (like his and hers). Maybe this is Dragonish, but it’s not English!

Agree to that, but things will change in the future:


After hearing about all the problems people are having with the new version, including installation problems and long boot times, I don’t think I’ll install the new version until these problems are fixed. I look forward to the next version of 2.3 that fixes these issues.

I agree. Here is a link to my experience… https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,1995.msg15583.html#msg15583

I have completely uninstalled and installed, using registry export and import to eliminate the need to go through the multi-day pop up process, TWICE with the same result… shuts down with a fatal error message pointing to the registry data. Also, played nice with my registry healer software; seems to keep it from eliminating unneeded registry entries. However, I can’t validate this as I can’t keep from crashing shortly after install.

Apparently, some people have done clean installs and been able to import the Local Machine registry keys which eliminate the need to again validate apps and components… does not work for me.

I have reinstalled and I will be back when the bugs are fixed. I love does NOT inspire confidence.

As far as I concerned the AVG email scanner being disabled is still an issue for me. I just un-installed the new version 2.3 and went back to Zonealarm. I’ve never been able to make this issue go away even with the tips in the FAQ concerning this issue for V2.2

These experiences are contrary to mine. I was able to uninstall the previous version and install the new one without a single issue on XP Home sp2. Maybe I’m lucky? I have three other computers here to try it on with w2k sp4 & XP Home sp2.

Of course, you need to do what you believe to be best, but I had the same thought about not installing the new version after suffering the problem with the update feature stalling at 80-something percent. Being impatient, I went ahead did an uninstall (to include manually deleting directories, etc.) and install of the new version. All went great. No problems whatsoever. So, while I’m disappointed in the autoupdate feature, the new firewall is awesome! CHUCK ;D

I am running XP Pro SP2 with all hotfixes. I am sure you have been successful in your install (as have some others posting here). However, machine configurations, even with the same operating systems, motherboard BIOS and other hardware, can still react much differently, depending on loaded apps. I CAN probably make this version function IF I install a new app and go through the tedious process of allowing it to re-identify my apps and components. However, this should not be necessary. I can also probably, ultimately, figure out why this version crashes when I try to run it after restoring the Local Machine settings which I was using in (since some others here have been successful in this import). However, again, I should not have to.

A program NOT playing well with its own updater is something that is very easily identified in the testing process, and beta testing should identify the other issues which seem to be still embedded in this release. Don’t get me wrong, I love this software. just FEELS like it was rushed to release. I will be back to pick it up when it is fully debugged and installable with its own updater software.

I had a similar experience to rgreen501: my uninstall and reinstall went flawlessly, and without bothering to backup my settings to avoid pop-ups, the improved software autodetect feature in not only prevented many of the constant pop-up notices I had seen before, but also FIXED two problems I was having with the earlier version. I’m still getting used to the new version (especially the extra systray icons now that I have Comodo Virus Scan installed as well - which seems stuck to using Launchpad), and I’ll keep an eye out for any bugs. Otherwise, though, I’ve loving it and see it as a great improvement over the previous version.

I’m sure I would be feeling the same level of frustration if it hadn’t worked. But since it did… meh…

Were you able to revert to the older version?

Further remark about transferring old CPF Registry settings to new version: I had only minor problems with this process, but it did take me two tries to succeed. Before uninstalling my earlier version (the last Beta), I exported the relevant HKLM\System\Software\Comodo\Personal Firewall key in it entirety to a file with Regedit, saving it in a safe location. When I first got the new version of CPF running, I tried importing the back-up file with Regedit while CPF was running and this failed with an error message concerning parts of the Registry being in use. I then shutdown CPF and imported the back-up file using Regedit without incident. So, evidently, one should be aware that the import must be done when CPF is not running.

CPF registry keys must be edited manually while CPF is closed or security level is set to allow all. Otherwise its own defense will prevent anything from modifying its own critical keys.

No matter if this is a registry healer trying to delete “Enum” keys in the service registry.

Slow bootup issue is about windows security center and fixed. Hopefully we will issue an update next week.

We are still investigating auto update issue.

Thx for the feedback,

1. The release announcement offered only a link to the registration site; there was no way to avoid re-registration and, before I completed the process, I had two entirely unneeded extra activation (license) keys. This could have been avoided with a link to the actual download from the announcement or even from the registration page.

Yeah, I agree. Whats the point of registration when downloading it? Thats just annoying, there is no need for the new keys since after install of the new version one still has the life time license once it is registered.
I recommend www.dodgeit.com for a fast and painless temporary email adress to get the bleeding file :slight_smile:

Other than that Comodo seems to work well so far for me (:CLP)

You had your e-mail scanner disabled too ?? Well, I was using Avast! antivirus and it disabled it temporarily (thank god). Everything is up and running, with no problems seen. I did switch from ZoneAlarm to Comodo today, and it works just fine. Though there was a problem updating 2.2 to 2.3 (I seen it on my sister’s PC), nothing seems wrong now after a fresh install.

I had version 2.2 running flawlessly, updated to the new 2.3. whatever the non beta is, and the whole thing is stuffed. I now have a firewall that does nothing except look pretty. Going to return to 2.something and await (hopefully) an update to the updated >:(

I realize I may be hung, burned at the stake and drowned for this but here it goes…

I haven’t had 1 issue with CPF, not old nor the new and all went smoothly save for my pc being corrupt from my son and not downloading correctly which I immediately fixed. On three computers, all diffent , 2 XPpro, 1 home, none have had issues with CPF. Although to be FAIR, I haven’t updated the one yet as it is down, but when running CPF on it, it was fine. I think it runs great, as well I should otherwise I would be lying. I see this all the time and I am finally going to list my thoughts on this…and a note:

((I am not specifying ANYONE, in this thread or other threads, nor calling anyone a liar, stupid or anything else… but feel I need to address this and think it needs to be touched on and this is MY take\opinion, not Comodos…))

1.) Every OS is the same but different. While two people may have XPpro, the registries from other programs and such may be different and cause different outcomes when running ANY program.

2.) While some think this is JUST comodo that is causing these issues, I have seen a number of things happen, people get mad, VERY mad at comodo for CPF not working right, blaming it to no end and SOME not ALL are on a crusade to purposely run down the CPF. I think others have seen this as well and know it to be true. Some people refuse to believe it could be their OS in trouble instead and will accept no other explanation.

3.) In a slight relation to #2, I have seen others complain about the silliest things and make major issues out of them, so tolerance levels seem to be at an all time low these days. While instead of appreciating a fine free firewall, many would assume to complain about issues that expensive firewalls haven’t even touched on. I do understand though that Comodo wants all takes and all sides, understanably but some complaints show the “I didn’t get my pony” syndrome.

4.) In relation to #2 and #3, some don’t tell the whole truth and I have seen this many times. Not all will admit they use P2P for illegal downloading, or that they have a spyware\virus infested system along with other major corruption with hardware of software. While some is due to lack of understanding, some scared to admit, some don’t care, whatever the reason, this does get pushed back onto Comodo as well instead of blaming themselves.

5.) Some get so mad and such little patience that they refuse to even get a fix or try one. I find this very childish to say the least. Others would try to have me\others believe that at no other time, even on older pcs that they have had trouble with anything else besides Comodo. Now being an upcoming tech in the PC industry and fixing pcs for some time, I would find this almost impossible to believe.

6.) Some want absolute and immediate fixes. This is highly in part to lack of understanding of what it takes to accomplish what some consider a small chore. Fixes and such are not as simple as hitting your Yahoo icon, there is much work involved. The other part is a bit of selfishness,and intolerance. I want, I want ,I want.

7.) The global warming issue. If one person has an issue, they assume it’s CPF causing this on a universal scale. They refuse to belive that others have no issues and even if a few on the forums have them, then it is most definately a CPF problem and not theirs and don’t believe that a very good portion DON’t have issues. It’s obvious to me that those who don’t have problems will not be posting since they don’t feel the need to have to. Those that do, will be posting and drawing attention to fix the issue but doesn’t mean it’s once again, a global issue.

8.) Then there are those who have honest problems and admit mistakes on their part or at least calm down enough to accept a theory. (:CLP)

9.) There are issues on CPF’s part as well and the team does a wonderful job at addressing these issues.

<<The only reason I felt I should mention these is because of an incident today. The kid who lives next door to me whom I told about Comodo, had jumped onto the forums only to see the complaints and was scared off and will no longer take my word that Comodo isn’t as bad as what some make it to be. I tried for an hour to convince him otherwise but he wouldn’t listen. While I understand that this is unpreventable , I would like to say that others, newbies specifically should take time to read some of the GOOD things about Comodo and realize that just because someone is having problems DOESN’T mean everyone will. This has been stated more than once that others were afraid to install due to complaints. >>

That said, I just want to say, I know not everyone does this, many problems are real and as serious as they state they are. But when going overboard on an issue to where it scares away others isn’t a good thing. While this probably can’t be prevented, perhaps some may read this and at least give CPF a chance and not thinking the worst. Another note: people also seem to slam the Comodo team on occasion but I would like to state that on the forums, they are here and helpful and do their best to help if users can’t . Comodo keeps in touch with users on a daily basis and listens unlike many other forums\companies who would rather you give them a payment for software and drop off the face of the earth. Our ideas, the user’s ideas, are taken into consideration every day here and they provide an excellent free firewall to us. Paid firewalls have caused just as major if not worse and more often , problems . Just look on those forums if you don’t believe me and the issues are very deep indeed. When I see the percentege of problems\complaints on other forums to the number of complaints\issues on Comodo, Comodo in fact has very few percentege wise. I personally don’t see how some can get so mad over a free product even if it has a problem. Look what people pay for Windows XP and they have rebuilt the system twice along with 50 other updates after.

In closing, no program is flawless and know that CPF isn’t either but this is my opinion on the matter, my take and not Comodo’s. in my opinion, Comodo, along with Melih, Ewen, Justin, Mike, Ryan, Egemen, Paulo, are absolutely great and provide us at NO COST a wonderful firewall among other programs and try hard to keep in touch and make it better for us every time a new version arrives. I just hope that others read this before getting scared away.



That’s all fine, Paul, but the kids-nextdoor type are not even likely to read anything that long. Also, Comodo is basically like a BETA, even the versions not called “beta”, which means people should only be installing it if they are comfortable with possibly needing to tinker and debug their computer. Certainly the v2.3.4.45 debacle on Win2K systems demonstrates this.

If I had been a “kid next door” innocently installing on a properly configured Win2k, it would have been a disaster. Fortunately mine is a second, testing, backup.

So that type of users is better served to wait till development catches up a bit, don’t you think?

I highly disagree. I simply think that like ANY software, Comodo can’t make sure EVERY system around the globe is going to work, take MS for example, look at the size of their company, the #1 giant and still can’t make sure the OS is proper until users send millions of error reports. In fact, nothing will work on every computer, that’ s the way it is. So in fact anything we buy\download is beta. Comodo is no different.
Just to note: the kid next door , Craig, first name only, isn’t truly a kid, he is to me due to my age compared to his.


Is “MS standards” really the standards you think of as good in this regard? They’d have been crucified long ago for the very such ■■■■ they have put users through in this regard, if not for the fact that they had a strangle-hold on the market no one would have ever let them get away with it.

Ean, I am not going to argue this out, name one software that has been flawless all this time. Just one. This was my opinion on the matter and instead of plugging up the thread between us, feel free to PM me.