CPC 1.1.64939.31 won't display applications to clean

Pls see attached image.

CPC should show OpenOffice.org, Internet Explorer and Opera.

What could cause this? I do run CSC 1.1.64939.31 as portable - meaning, I installed it, backed up the installation folder, then uninstalled it and put back the portable folder. Furthermore my XP SP3 is nLited and pretty “destructed” (I don’t talk malware, I mean that I’ve deleted system files). Protected by CIS (temporarily disabled Defense+ when running CSC/CPC).


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IMHO, using the backed up folder won’t quite work as a portable version because there are a few settings files that aren’t in the program folder (as they should be). They are here:

C:\Documents and Settings<username>\Application Data\ComodoGroup\Csc\Privacy Cleaner\applications.ini

and CSCSettings.ini respectively. I believe that applications.ini contains that needed information.

Thank you for your post. You’re right about that, and I’ve posted the very same comments before. However I took advice from this:

Update: I installed CSC instead and now it works. Obivously the contents of the folder Documents and Settings[User]\Application Data\ComodoGroup is needed.

Furthermore, installing resolved another CPC bug I encountered. I had Safe Delete disabled, still I got the attached alert.

Anyway, I’m glad it works, but this proves that CSC in its current state is not portable I think… you shouldn’t have to fiddle with the Documents and Settings[User]\Application Data\ComodoGroup folder in my opinion.

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I concur, hopefully, they will have a truly portable version soon. :wink: