Coupon Printer and couponprinter.ocx

I’m just wondering if anyone else had run into an issue with Coupon Printer and couponprinter.ocx. As I see online, a lot of sites say to remove the application cause it’s classified as malware or adware. But on my moms computer, she was able to install it with CIS 8.1 installed and setup with Proactive mode enabled, sandbox enabled, Virusscope enabled and high heuristics set. It never detected any of the coupon printer stuff as bad nor did it catch or stop the 3-4 bundled programs that installed with it.

Once they were installed, I had a very hard time removing the bundled crapware and it seems that uninstalling some of it, may have damaged the Win 7 OS. I was unable to update to have CIS 8.1 upgrade to CIS 8.2 via the installer. I also tried to uninstall with Revo and Geek uninstallers and then went into Safe Mode and also ran the Comodo uninstaller .bat, which I dont think is up-to-date for versions above 7.x.

I currently have her pc running Windows firewall and Avast Free, until I can resolve the issue with CIS install or if I might just need to reformat.

I have had problems with never getting the ■■■■ to install properly or the coupons to print & never figured out why. I’d ‘allowed’ it & was gonna kill it all afterwards.
In the end I just gave up on the idea of coupons & complained to the companies using the software. What is so hard about emailing a coupon ffs.

Cost overhead reduced profits, easy duplication (think DRM for coupons), missed revenue from selling your shopping interests to advertisers that they datamined from spyware software like coupon printer, need I go on?