Couple Questions for Melih

First of all…for each comodo product is there a seperate team or does egemen and umesh all the same team and work on every product. Because i noticed comodo memory firewall has not been updated in a long time unless it does not require updates yet.

Second question. Does comodo now have more market share than verisign? In the newest press release it writes “Comodo, the world’s second largest Certification Authority”.

Because your site only has stats from 2005.

Hi Coolio

Each product has its own team (large ones). CMF is being worked on for integration into CFP. Soon we will have an integrated version also. FYI: We have over 200 programmers that work on all our products and that is growing by 5 new programmers a month.

In terms of how many ssl certs we sell. As of now, especially with the Verisign’s acquisition of Geotrust they have a larger market share. However as to who has a more sought after brand google says Comodo.


Wow, 200 programmers. Must be a headache listening to all those keyboards :D.

he he…
they are in different offices (US, UK, Ukraine, China, India etc :)) we have offices in these countries and teams work from these location in Comodo offices.


Wow! 2007, 2008 are great for you guys! Well done! Very impressive!

Thanks Josh :slight_smile:

appreciate it…